The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of IPSC shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide in order to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character.

The art of shooting can be traced back as far as the middle ages but it wasn't until the 19th century that shooting really developed into a sport.

In the 200 years since, shooters have come together in a variety of organizations, at the local, national, and world levels, to practice, perfect, and perpetuate the shooting sports.

Competitive IPSC-style shooting developed in southern California in the late 1950's and quickly spread throughout the shooting world to Australia, Central and South America, Europe, and Southern Africa.

As the sport attracted greater interest, the participants sought a more structured competition environment. As a result, in May of 1976, the International Pistol Conference was held in Columbia, Missouri where sportsmen from around the world participated in determining the structure, organization, and future of IPSC marksmanship. A constitution was established and the Confederation was born.

Accuracy, power, and speed were recognized as the quintessential elements and have become the foundation of IPSC shooting. The Latin motto Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) meaning accuracy, power, and speed was introduced to reflect these balanced elements. Range procedures and rules for competitions, as well as safe gun handling standards, were also adopted.

At the conclusion of the Columbia conference, the International Practical Shooting Confederation was officially formed. Colonel Jeff Cooper, who acted as chairman of the conference, was elected the first IPSC world president.

IPSC shooting represents a new, exciting form of
sport shooting and was established to promote,
maintain, and advance practical marksmanship.

Practical shooting alliance of Serbia, is a full member of world IPSC, complying to all standards with IPSC Rule Book. Competitions in Serbia are regularly organised, and do not differ in safety nor quality from other worldwide events.

 European IPSC Championship was held in Serbia in 2010. with more than 1000 shooters from 43 countries.


Sport association for practical shooting "SPARTANAC" was founded on 22.12.2016.

Basic goals of "SPARTANAC" are development of mass, recreational and amateur, competitive and top shooting sports, in the region of our city of Novi Sad and Republic of Serbia.
Promotion of shooting sports, safe weapon and firearms handling, responsible ownership, transport, carrying and using sport firearms, public promotion of safety procedures, raising reputation of "SPARTANAC", and representing our Republic of Serbia in domestic and international events and developments.

One of the most important goals of "SPARTANAC" association is addirmation of youth on shooting sports and PROMOTION OF FIREARMS IN PEACEFULL ANS NON VIOLENT PURPOSES.


All of our instructors and coaches are licenced, and active competitors in "Alliance of Practical Shooting - IPSC Serba", with many years, even decades of experience in competition and teaching.

Instructor teams work with, and under supervision of licenced mentor, who controls whole process of training, guranteeing highest quality in conducting those plans and trainings.

Our instructors and trainers team consists of many outstanding and prominent sport shooters, World Champion shooters, World Vice-champion shooters, European Champions and vice-champions, state and region champions, highly trained professionals who won everything that could be won arround the world, which is also a kind of guarantee on quallity or training we provide and deliver.

 Most of our instructors have long careers in competition, some over 20 years, active or former service in special forces, police and military.


Licenced competitors in practical shooting - IPSC, must fulfill all of following conditions:

  • Successfully pass firearms training, for weapon that shooter wants to compete with
  • Successfully pass IPSC course and trainig, for weapon that shooter wants to compete with
  • Active membership in shooting organisation
  • Registration in "IPSC Serbia" alliance of practical shooting as competitor, throug member club
  • Successfully pass skills and trainig test in front of "IPSC Serbia" commission before first competition
  • Successfully pass and deliver medical certificate of ability to compete in sports ( valid for 6 months)


Sport alliance for practical shooting "SPARTANAC" was founded 22.12.2016.

In next competition season of year 2017, wins first place gold medal on state championship in " Production Division".

Following year in 2018, wins first place gold medal on state championship in " Standard Division".

Our competitors include many outstanding and prominent sport shooters, World Champions, World Vice-champions, European Champions and vice-champions, state and region champions.

"SPARTANAC" has 15-20 licenced competitors and large number of recreational shooters.


  • PCC

SHOTGUN (2 days)

Who is the course for: The course is designed for people who want to practice shooting as amateurs, recreationally or professionally (IPSC – international practical shooting confederation), active members of the police, army, security services, private security services, civilians. It is one of the basic courses for further advance and mastering safe weapon handling.

Topics covered:

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Technical characteristics
  • What is the necessary equipment
  • Divisions in IPSC - SHOTGUN
  • Targets and scoring (minor and Major)
  • Ammunition and power factors
  • Shotgun ammunition types (birdshot, buckshot, slug)
  • Chokes and their use
  • Shotgun loading techniques
  • Sights adjustments (mechanical / iron, RED POINT i optics)
  • Angles of safety
  • Accurate shooting
  • Grip and weapon shouldering
  • Aiming and triggering
  • Weapon transition between targets
  • Shooting positions
  • Quick magazine change (Open Division only)
  • Tactical magazine change (Open Division only)
  • Tactical loading and reloading
  • Fast loading and reloading
  • Weapon jams, detecting and fixing them
  • Double tap shooting
  • Shooting in movement
  • Shooting in movement - all directions
  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Moving and passing targets (Bober)
  • Shooting from a weaker shoulder
  • Transitions from one shoulder to other
  • Introduction to situational shooting
  • Tactics
  • Situational shooting - stages
  • Disassembly, assembly, cleaning and maintaining the weapon

Necessary knowledge: IPSC HANDGUN (6 days) is necessary prior to this course!

Method of training: In compliance to IPSC Rule Book

Necessary equipment: All the equipment is provided by the "SPARTANAC" (weapon, holster, ammunition, eyes and ears protection, and knee and elbow pads)

Weapons: Benelli super nova, Benelli M2, Baikal MP 153 - Special request: Saiga 12 (contact us)

Ammunition: Cal. 12-300 bullets (Birdshot-trap 250, buckshot 25, slug 25)

Course duration: 2 days

Maximum number of trainees: 8

Price: 36.000.- dinara (305 euro)

The price includes: Weapon, ammunition, all gear (holster, belt, ears and eyes protection and knee and elbow pads), certificate for trainees, gift T-shirt and a hat. The price also includes food (meals) during the course. Transportation from and to shooting ground  is not inculded.

Annotation: We can help arrange accommodation and transport.

Payment method: 100% in advance

IMPORTANT: Trainees provide their own shoes and clothes


Persons who wish to purchase firearms in Republic of Serbia, along with the request for purchase, must attach a certificate that they are trained to handle firearms, and in order to obtain such a certificate, it is necessary to complete the training, and pass the examination.

In cooperation with "Special Forces Training & Consulting Group" DOO, we are conducting high-quality and professional "weapons training", for people who want to acquire weapons for personal needs, or have inherited it, and also for those who want to compete in sports shooting, precise or practical shooting, as well as for those who want, or already perform security related jobs.

"Special forces training & consulting group doo" is licenced by " the Decision of the MUP of the Republic of Serbia" and authorized as organization for conducting training in following firearms:


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